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Heavy Duty machines for site and heavy engineering applications.


The GENESIS series is well known in the market for its simplicity, reliability, ruggedness and is  capable  of  serving  the customer  in  tough  environment.


  • ARC welding power source with robust technology.

  • IGBT based switching technology

  • Arc Force and Hot Start are standard features enabling welder more control over weld joint.

  • Class H type of insulation.

  • Force Air type cooling.

  • IP23 type of ingress protection

  • Inbuilt VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) for welder safety.

  • FOD (Fan On Demand) for saving power while not welding and increasing FAN life.

  • Input supply + or - 20% fluctuation tolerant.

  • OCV is 85Volts for cellulosic electrodes and better arc striking.

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