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Reliable and performing MIG/MIG Welding units.


APSL   provides  the  most   reliable   in   its   class  ,  MIG / MAG  welding equipment ranging from 200A to 600A. The MAGNUS series are economic, reliable, and most performing when it comes to MIG / MAG welding applications. Excellent Arc characteristics make it usable in almost any application. The Inductance and Burnback controls on the front panel help user to make the best use fo machine without compromising on productivity and quality.


Magnus 500 MIG

  • Features...

  • Magnus Series is the tried and tested MIG welding power sources.

  • IGBT based switching technology

  • Crater Current, Crater Voltage, Anti Stick and Arc Force are standard features enabling welder more control over weld joint.

  • Class H type of insulation.

  • Force Air type cooling.

  • IP21 type of ingress protection

  • Input supply + or - 20% fluctuation tolerant.

  • VRD Voltage Regulatory Device to ensure high welder safety.

  • OCV is 65 Volts for a stable arc in MIG welding..

  • 2Track and 4Track welding modes.

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