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Main features

  • Products developed with particular attention to applications.
  • Excellent arc ignition.
  • Voltage selectors with many adjustment settings.
  • Exceptional towing system with a powerful engine.
  • Drive system feedback system that ensures uniform wire speed.


  • 400/3/50/60


  • MIG, Animated Wire

POWERTEC® 255C - K14055-1

Powerful, compact, excellent, economical

The Powertec® 255C project was born from the need to offer our customers a range of compact MIG machines with a wide variety of available powers. The Powertec® 255C is able to weld thin material but has the extra power needed for light carpentry.

  • Products developed with particular attention to applications.
  • Excellent arc ignition.
  • Voltage selectors with many adjustment settings.
  • Excellent towing system with a powerful engine.
  • Drive system feedback system that ensures uniform wire speed.
  • Large handle wheels for forward / backward movement and lifting eyebolts.
  • Tool kit and optional polarity change kit .
  • Meets IEC974-1, ROHS and CE standards.
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