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Purchase a PEB Beam Welding Machine from a trusted distributor like Weldtron.

Weldtron supplies PEB beam welding solutions that will give you the best solution while maximizing your savings. 

We have got a wide range of products to suit various customer needs with varied levels of Automation and Beam Handling equipment.

We are a one-stop solution provider for Beam Welding offering complete turnkey solutions, for Pre- Engineered building applications.

Pre-fabricated buildings are typically constructed using I-shaped steel structures that are welded together from two flanges and a web. These I-shaped sections are non-standard, and therefore require welding to be assembled. The frames of pre-engineered buildings are assembled on site using bolted connections.

Automatic and semi-automatic beam welding modules are commonly used to produce the steel beam structures for pre-engineered buildings with high volume and consistent quality. The beam line includes three welding stations - the flange splice welder, assembly and tack welder, and pull-through welder (PTW) - that are all connected by conveyors. These conveyors are used to move the loose plates that make up the flanges and web from one station to the next without the need for a crane, ultimately producing welded beams in the PTW.

The splice station is used to join two plates of different lengths by welding, allowing longer plates to be cut to the desired length and then fed to the tack station. Both flanges are tilted to the vertical position using a specially designed conveyor with tilting capability, and the web is positioned in the center of the flanges and clamped hydraulically to form the I shape in a horizontal orientation. The assembled beam is then tack welded only at the lead edge and conveyed to the pull-through welder for full welding.









Beams are fully welded in the PTW using the twin-wire submerged arc welding (SAW) process. This welding process is known for its high speed, reduced heat input, minimized distortion due to hydraulic clamping of the beams in all four sides during welding, and precise guidance of weld heads on weld joints for controlled weld fillets.
The beam structures produced by this welding machine meet the standards set by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) without any need for post-welding correction.

Technical Specifications:-





























Fixed cantilever beam mounted in a Powered trolley with variable frequency control speed drive for AC motor.The trolley moves on rails placed parallel to the beam's (weld seam's) direction, which provides better traceability of the weld joint while tack welding or welding only one side of the beams. The beams are held in 60-degree tilters or a 45-degree frame. A vertical raiser is used to guide the torch assembly to move up or down and to trace or guide the weld root along the beam's length. The assembly has floating slides in two axes to provide better control over the weld root traceability when performing full welding using the SAW process. The system includes an automatic flux recycling mechanism.

Beam Specifications:

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your pre-engineered building construction needs? Look no further than Weldtron! Our wide range of PEB beam welding solutions, including automatic and semi-automatic welding modules, are designed to cater to various customer needs while ensuring high volume and consistent quality. With Weldtron, you can enjoy a complete turnkey solution for beam welding, making it easier to achieve your construction goals efficiently and effectively. Trust Weldtron for all your PEB beam welding needs!

Kindly contact us for any further information on PEB Beam Welding Machine.

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