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Enhance Your Welding Experience with Our Submerged Arc Column and Boom Welding Systems 

The constructive materials and all other heavy machinery from automotive and aerospace need high-quality welding and fabrication services. Weldtron offers the best welding methods with modern equipment. Our highly used submerged arc column and boom welding systems offer the best welding results with modern endings. Submerged arc welding offers the best results for joining heavy materials together. It is most commonly used for providing high-quality welds with speedy results.

What are the services of Weldtron?  

​Weldtron is well known for having high-quality equipment, which is best suited for providing excellent welding results. We supply the submerged arc column and boom welding systems to our customers, which are cost-effective and mainly used for heavy-duty industrial applications to join heavy iron items. Multiple types of thick material can also be binned firmly using our supplies. The thickness of up to 3 to 300 mm materials can be firmly bonded with our SAW system. Personalized solutions can be provided by using a well-equipped and modern system of the submerged column and boom welding machine system. 

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Understanding of submerged arc welding system 
​This equipment is a potent combination of the column and the bloom. The column is the vertical material, while the boom is horizontal in shape but is movable and can move in both horizontal and vertical movement directions. This structure is perfect for holding heavy machinery, which can be firmly fixed in this robust welding column boom system. The welding head is commonly linked at the boom, and we can drop it down toward the material going through the welding process. This booming movement can be under programmable control by using a motor or by manual setting. 

​In this process, an arc is used for performing the welding procedure. This arc is usually formed between the consistency of the electrode and the piece of metal going through for welding. The material undergoes the joining procedure through several steps. At the start, the wire is melted and then welded. During this process, welding flux is used simultaneously as the granular flux. This results in molding the metal, which is then deposited on the working material, and the welding process is completed. The protective granules flux also removes the surrounding contaminant from the weld. 

Significance of column and boom welding system 

There are various useful features of Weldtron submerged column and boom welding systems; some are listed below: 

​POSIMATIC PS15: This modern tool is efficient, and its services are exclusively designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of machines by providing the best suitable weld operation. This system works under programmable control and is best fit for delivering fast and accurate results.  

CB-MATIC: Column & Boom Welding Manipulator: Flexibility is considered the best feature of modern equipment. CB-MATIC is well known for its flexibility, rotation, and providing accurate results. Heavy materials can be bound together by using this with excellent results.   

​ROTAMATIC ST 15M W000315304: Another automatic and versatile welding equipment provides accurate results and reduces all possible human errors. It also guarantees a quick procedure with accurate results. 

No compromise the best-submerged arc welding 

  • Robust column and boom 

  • AC and DC power sources available 

  • Modular welding head for single or random 

  • Accessories and positioning equipment 

With the variety of modern tools, Weldtron not only provides the efficiency of services but also helps to enhance the speed of the process with high-quality welds. This equipment can join heavy materials, including steel, alloys, iron, or another welding task. Hence, the column and boom submerged arc welding machine could be the best solution to your desired industrial welding need. Our wide range of modern equipment performs the welding procedure professionally for your expensive machinery.

  • What is Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), and why is it important?
    Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) is considered as the effective welding procedure. In this process an electric current is continuously provided to the electrode which is used to generate the electric arc. This electric arc is produced by connecting electrodes with the metal piece which is undergoing welding procedure. SAW is the unique process because in this case the arc is protected by flux shield from environmental contaminants. This is essential to join the heavy metals with thick pieces. If the arc get contaminated by impurities, then it will not weld the metal pieces properly. Hence, SAW is essential to have a proper welding system. SAW is the perfect choice to provide best results to weld thick metals. All these features of SAW are suitable for heavy machinery and other industrial materials with strength and efficiency.
  • What are the advantages of Weldtron's advanced welding solutions?
    Weldtron's advanced welding equipment provides the best possible solutions. These tools join the materials with high end precision to improve functionality. Any kind of material can be appropriately welded with the help of Weldtron’s equipment. The increased functionality and efficiency of the heavy material define the customized services provided by Weldtron.
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