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Column and booms are the professional answer to your needs.
Ideal for pressure vessels manufacturer of stainless steel, mild steel and light alloy, they maximise your benefit from automatic MIG/MAG, submerged arc, TIG, plasma and plasma + TIG welding processes.


Column and boom choice
According to the welding /cutting process and the size of the vessels to work on, it is possible to choose for XS, S, L or XL column and boom. This C&B can be fixed on the ground (F) or mobile on rails (M). For the heavy and intensive work, we preconize to use the L column and boom and for large tank the XL type when the vessel size required it.


Welding Column and Boom are also called Welding Head Manipulators. The welding head is mounted at one end of the Boom.

The wire spool can be mounted at the front or at the rear end of the Boom. In Extra Light Duty and Light Duty Models (i.e. Up to 3 meters X 3 meters), the vertical movement is through Lead Screw.

And for Medium & Heavy Duty Boom, the vertical movement is through Rack & Pinion with counterweight arrangement.

The Counterweight and Boom assembly are firmly held with metallic wire rope. Provision of anti-fall security is a standard feature in all models including Lead Screw is driven ones.

The Horizontal Boom drive movement is through the rack and pinion for all models of Column and Boom

Advantages of Welding Column and Boom

  • Increased Production.
  • Allows maximum flexibility to welding head manipulation.
  • Better weld quality with reduced labor.
  • Dependable even for most critical weld quality.
  • Assured high-quality welding non-dependent on operator's skill.
  • The essential toll for automatic/semi-automatic welding.
  • Ensures 360° radial accessibility to welding head, covering a vast area in the shop.
  • The trolley car-mounted version gives accessibility to the full shop length.
  • Easy high-quality automatic circumferential or longitudinal seam welding in conjunction with Rotator or Positioner.
  • Indispensable for pipe/vessel fabrication shops.

Column and boom welding manipulator

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