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Versatile range of roller beds for the handling of circular pieces such as pipes, tubes, vessels or containers during welding operations, and to ensure continuous production and reliable performance


  • Single powered (one drive roller) for small unbalance work piece.

    • Rotation capacity 15T
    • Loading capacity 7.5T
    • Admissible ring diameter 300 to 4000mm
    • Peripherical speed 12 to 120 cm/min
  • Wheels

    • Polyurethane coating (95 shores A)
    • Diameter 250mm - width 110mm
    • Wheels-to-wheels center distance adjusting by screw
  • Possible options

    • Kit ± 1% speed regulation
    • Encoder 5 000 pts
    • Rail cars

ROTAMATIC ST 15M W000315304

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