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AS 589 is a fully basic agglomerated submerged-arc welding flux that is widely used for the welding of structural and fine grained low alloy steels requiring high integrity welds with low temperature impact and CTOD fracture toughness properties. AS 589 flux, in combination with a range of Oerlikon submerged-arc wires, in particular with AS 37LN, is established for the welding of offshore structures such as oil platform jackets, piles, decks and modules giving a high level of consistency and mechanical property performance. The flux is widely used for the welding of thick section components in the offshore, nuclear and pressure vessel industries. The flux exhibits a low hydrogen content in the as manufactured condition and gives a high resistance to moisture pick up during exposure under workshop conditions. The flux promotes a very stable arc characteristic during use with excellent slag detachment. The weld is of a uniform even profile with regular fine ripple formation and smooth toe blending. AS 589 flux is suitable for use with DC+ or AC and is ideal for single wire, twin wire, tandem arc [DC+/AC] and other multi-arc systems using up to 1000A with single wire welding. Grain size according to EN-ISO 14174: 2-20.


AS 589

✔ Excellent slag detachability even at high interpass temperatures
✔ Suitable for welding thin plates at high travel speeds.

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