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Main features

  • Innovative inverter technology for excellent TIG performance
  • High operating characteristics with the TIG AC, TIG DC and MMA procedures.
  • Adjustable "Cleaning" and "Penetration" allow for perfect aluminum welding
  • Variable AC frequency (40-400Hz) to control the advancement and penetration speed
  • New user-friendly control panel


  • 230/400/3/50/60


Electrode, Lift TIG, TIG HF, Pulsed TIG

ASPECT® 300 - K12058-1

Aspect: the New Generator for TIG AC / DC welding!

Aspect® 300 is a TIG welder for industrial uses designed using the innovative Inverter Technology that allows operating even in the most severe conditions at 300A at 35% service factor both TIG AC and in TIG DC. New user-friendly control panel. Setting parameters for the TIG has never been so simple! Excellent features such as the minimum current 2A, the possibility to select different modes in AC welding, the excellent TIG trigger with the possibility to select the type of tungsten and the HF polarity make this generator the ideal choice for any application. It easily converts to a water-cooled version by adding a COOL ARC® 46 cooling unit and a sturdy and stable well-equipped trolley is available to allow easy handling.

  • Innovative inverter technology for excellent TIG performance.
  • High operating characteristics with the TIG AC, TIG DC and MMA procedures.
  • New easy to use LCD control panel
  • Adjustable "Cleaning" and "Penetration" allow for perfect aluminum welding
  • Variable AC frequency (40-400Hz) allow for perfect aluminum welding
  • Easy to use control panel the display with graph and numbers makes it easy to set the parameters.
  • Robust structure , protection degree IP23, special protective silicone coating on the boards (potting), ducted air flow to reduce dust accumulation, allow long life of the machine even in the most severe working conditions.
  • Advantages of PFC (Power Factor Correction): 30% more output current for the same absorption, 230-400V (+ 15% -10%) three-phase, low consumption, energy saving
  • Cooling units and handling trolley are available .
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