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The best TIG torches with an advanced ergo-design, using a colored soft grip for a maximum welder comfort. These torches will give you an optimum welding quality, and increase the communication between the welder and the machine.



The connectors to the machine are a new design, compact and fully protected delivering both strength and quality.

All hoses are rubber with a woven sheath for heavy duty work.


Various options in a modular system

The modular system brings increased control over the power source. All torches are delivered with a single button module. Other types of potentiometer buttons are available to order.

The ball joint gives excellent flexibility, and the first 1 m of the harness is leather which increases the service life of the welding hose.

CITORCH T NG Ergonomic handle with button (EB)

✔ Optimum welding quality
✔ High quality welding results on carbon, stainless steels and light alloys.
✔ For high demanding sectors of activity (Boiler making, Offshore, Piping, Petrochemicals, Shipbuilding)
✔ Increase the communication between the welder and the machine
✔ Advanced ergo-design

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