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CITOTIG FORCE offers leading technology in TIG DC welding with a user friendly interface. Additional features include programme storage capability and improved reliability due to Power Factor Control technology. CITOTIG DC FORCE range delivers more power with reduced consumption: up to 220 A single phase 16 A connection. CITOTIG DC machines with a range of operating features ensure high quality welding of steel, stainless and nickel alloys.


Main features and benefits

  • TIG DC or MMA mode.
  • A complete welding cycle.
  • Pulsed TIG current.
  • Choice of two current levels in 4T mode.
  • Digital display of parameters.
  • HF and PAC arc striking. 2T-4T-Spot modes.
  • Usable with primary extension cables (70 m with 2.5 mm² section).
  • Programme storage and recall (30).
  • Remote control and foot pedal (options).
  • Improved generator compatibility: - (+/- 20% input voltage variations).

CITOTIG FORCE Range - Portable TIG DC welding equipment

Product Advantages

✔ Versatile
✔ Precise welding quality
✔ Very good arc ignition
✔ Compact

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