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THE WELDING COBOT BUILT BY THE WELDING EXPERTS® Across many industries, finding skilled welders is a challenge. In finding the best solution, automation is usually the most practical and cost-efficient answer. We combined more than a century of welding know-how, and our extensive automation experience with your real-world needs to create the Cooper Cart. The Cooper Cart welding cobot is designed for safe, direct human interaction. It’s the affordable, game-changing solution you need to level up your welding and your business.


BENEFITS: The Go-There, Weld That Cobot. The Cooper Cobot Cart robotic welding system easily moves to parts that need to be welded, takes very little floor space, and can be safely operated in tandem with your production staff. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & WELD QUALITY » Welds with an industrial Fanuc® CRX robot driven by a Lincoln Electric Power Wave® R450 power source. The Power Wave software controls and monitors welding processes delivering the highest levels of weld quality and productivity – exactly what you need to be more competitive. RELIABILITY » The CRX FANUC cobot features the same components and technology proven in the most rigorous industries for over 30 years. FANUC backs their reliability by providing a guarantee of eight years ZERO maintenance on motors, reducers, sensors, cables and grease. SUPPORT TO HELP YOU SUCCEED AT AUTOMATION » We offer FREE on-line training, in-person training classes, the support of 275 technical sales representatives, and the expertise of 115 robot technicians.


Lead Through Teach — Fluidly guide the arm into the correct location by hand using the torch-mounted enabling device — Use torch handle to manipulate the finishing push and weld angles when in the joint Dual-Action Pushbutton Interface — Pushbuttons designed directly into the torch allow any skill-level operator to teach points easily and create programs fast — Record points directly at the torch and reduce cumbersome programming — Record approach points with one button and weld start/end with the other — Illuminated buttons indicate when points have been recorded Touch Panel Tablet Teach Pendant — The new tablet teach pendant, featuring icon-based, timeline programming reduces the learning curve. Simply swipe icons in or out of the timeline, or tap them to modify. Lincoln Arc Welding Plug-In — Receives input directly from pushbuttons at the integrated torch, automatically recording points on the timeline — Operator can clearly see specific arc start/end points on timeline and “tap” to change weld parameters


»High-Mix Job Shops

» Repair & Remanufacturing

» Part Resurfacing & Reconditioning

» Roof & Bridge Trusses

» Mechanical Contractors & Pipe Shops

» Agricultural Equipment

» Steel Fabricators & Metal Service Centers

» Training & Educational Programs

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