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1.1 Fiber laser technology Fiber laser cutter is a type of CNC laser metal cutting system with high quality, high speed, high precision and high efficiency, which is designed for all types of metal cutting, as well as your good metal working partner. It is equipped with different laser powers (1000W to 40000W) for cutting sheet metals and metal tubes of carbon steel, stainless steel, electrical steel, tool steel, galvanized steel, mild steel, aluminum zinc plate, aluminum alloy, aluminum, titanium alloy, brass, copper, iron, and more metals with different thicknesses.
1.2 Applications: Electronics, automobiles, aviation, aerospace, auto parts, subway parts, electrical appliances, textile machinery, precision accessories, engineering machinery, food machinery, ship building, household appliances, metallurgical equipment, tool machining, elevators, metal arts, metal crafts, metal gifts, metal decorations, advertising, kitchenware, metal external machining, and some other manufacturing industries. 1.3 Materials to be cut : Carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, mild steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, tool steel, zinc plate, copper, brass, pickling sheet, titanium, silver, gold, iron, alloy, and other metal sheets and tubes.


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30000KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - Laser Cutting Machine UAE

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