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-Compatible with VICTOR®
-Spiral mix system;
-Heavy-duty S45 regulators;
-Kit complete with goggles,
lighter with flints and 6 m hose.



Part No - Ironworker

Handle - VH31

Mixer - E-43HV

Cutting Attachment - VH24

Check Valves - 188SHTL/188SHTR

Cutting Tips   - 1-101-1 HV

Welding Tip - 23A90-3

Single-stage Oxygen Regulator - S45-10-0X

Single-stage fuel gas regulator - S45-1,5-AC

Accessories - 6M HOSE (4300591),GOGGLES (4304482), LIGHTER (26S), FLINTS (26L)


CUTS UP TO 150 mm - Welds up to 20 mm


Cutting and Welding Kit - IRONWORKER KIT

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