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LE B-248 H4R has a basic coated and moisture resistant coating. Vacuum pack enables electrode coating to keep its moisture content on
production levels unless the package is not damaged or opened.
Due to its weld metal’s high resistance to cracking LE B-248 H4R can be used for particularly to weld rigidly restrained mass structures where
high welding stresses are unavoidable. The slag is easy to remove and it gives excellent quality, smooth weld beads. It is also suitable for
welding in vertical upwards position at a high welding speed. It has 125% metal recovery.

E7018-1 H4R - LE B-248 H4R -Lincoln Electric

AWS A5.1 E7018-1 H4R
EN ISO 2560-A E 46 4 B 42 H5

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