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Key Features-

1)Capable of exceeding 550 MPa (80 ksi) yield strength after 12 hours at 635°C (1175°F) on 4130 AISI steel

2)Premium arc performance

3)Q2 Lot® - Certificate showing actual deposit chemistry available online

4)Easy strike and re-strike

5)Effortless slag removal










Excalibur ® 10018-D2 MR - Low Alloy, Low Hydrogen • AWS E10018-D2 H4R


AWS A5.5/A5.5M: 2006  E10018-D2 H4R

ASME SFA-A5.5:  E10018-D2 H4R

ABS: 3YQ620 H5

Lloyd’s Register: 3Y62 H5

DNV Grade: 3Y62 H5

CWB/CSA W48-06: E6918-D2

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