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Main features

  • Excellent arc characteristics with a wide range of electrodes
  • Maximum output current 625A
  • Operating temperature up to 55 ° C "Desert Rate"
  • Stackable units


  • 380/415/3/50/60


  • Electrode, Gouging

HOT ROD 500S - K14089-1


Professional Robust and Powerful

HOT ROD 500S is a generator for heavy-duty constant current applications. Whether using electrodes for C-Mn steels, with low hydrogen content, for stainless steel or coating electrodes, the HOT ROD 500-S guarantees a soft arc and a repeatable weld quality day after day.

  • Excellent arc characteristics with a wide range of electrodes.
  • Maximum output current 625A allows welding with electrodes up to 6.3 mm in diameter and gouging with 8 mm diameter electrodes.
  • "Desert Rate" operating temperature up to 55 ° C.
  • Stackable units incorporated lifting ring for easy storage and management.
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