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Main features

  • Robust, built to operate in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Excellent welding characteristics with rutile and basic electrodes.
  • Boards completely protected from external contamination and separated from the air flow.
  • Maximum current of 400A for use with electrodes up to 6.3 mm.
  • Adjustable "Arc Force" and "Hot Start" supplied as standard.


  • 400/3/50/60


Electrode, TIG

INVERTEC 270SX - K12040-1

Professional and ideal for severe work environments

The Invertec® 270SX is built using the most advanced inverter technology. The generator is ready to work in the harshest environmental conditions with an excellent arc characteristic. The solid construction allows it to be used both in the workshop and on the building site, also connected to a motogenerator. Complete with adjustable "Lift TIG", "Hot Start" and "Arc Force" functions, it guarantees enormous flexibility.


  • Robust, built for use in extreme environments.
  • Excellent arc characteristics with rutile and basic electrodes. with rutile and basic electrodes
  • Totally protected cards .
  • Maximum output 270 A allows the use of electrodes up to 5.0 mm.
  • Adjustable "Arc Force" and "Hot Start" supplied as standard.
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