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Main features

  • Excellent arc characteristics with a wide range of electrodes
  • Compatible with motor-driven generators, ideal for use on construction sites.
  • HF trigger and Lift TIG.
  • Control panel with all the functions and of simple use, for an easy setting of the welding parameters.
  • The built-in "Fan-on-demand" (FAN ™) "Fan when needed" function reduces energy consumption and the entry of fumes and dust.


  • 115/230/50/60


Electrode, Lift TIG, TIG AC, TIG DC, TIG pulse

INVERTEC® V205-T AC / DC - K1855-2

Intelligent power supply, maximum flexibility

The Invertec® V205-T Pulse is light but robust, which makes it portable and suitable for all types of TIG applications even in the most risky environments. The 230 / 400V single-phase power switch of the Invertec V205-T Pulse and its compatibility with motor-driven generators allows it to be used anywhere in construction sites and workshops. Among its features it includes the triggering of the TIG in HF, in Lift-TIG, 2 or 4 stroke, variable descent ramp and Post-gas control, a digital preset instrument with Hold function (maintenance in vision of the values) and Built-in Variable Pulsation.

  • Excellent arc characteristics with rutile, basic and cellulosic electrodes up to 4.0 mm.
  • Automatic power switch - 230 / 400V single phase.
  • HF trigger and Lift TIG.
  • Compatible with motor-driven generators, ideal for use on construction sites.
  • The built-in "Fan as needed" (FAN ™) "Fan when needed" function - reduces energy consumption and the entry of fumes and dust.
  • High speed pulsations - to adjust arc concentration, reduce distortions and increase forward speed.
  • Meets the standards - IEC974-1, ROHS and CE.
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