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Fiber laser welding machine is an advanced welding technology which is a
perfect replacement of traditional electric welding, MIG and CO2 welding.
Laser welding process is to melt the connecting area by a very high-energy
and dense beam with a large amount of heat. The single module optical fiber
laser source provides consistent and stable power and high quality of laser
beam. The laser power can be adjusted according to actual production needs. This solution guarantees unparalleled application flexibility and high reliability.
After years of development, the fiber laser welding technology has been proven a
new revolution with features: More cost-saving, easy operation, smooth and
invisible welding seam, small deformation, without post-polishing, perfect
precision,environmental and operation safety guaranteed.


Main specifications and features:
1 Fiber laser source - Raycus/Max
2 Industrial chiller - Hanli
3 Control system Weldtron
4 Wobble welding head Weldtron
5 Auto wire feeder Weldtron
6 Electric parts - Schneider
7 Other spare parts available


Laser welding is widely used in metal processing industries, and is a very
effective method in automatic and robotic manufacturing. It's currently the best
and most durable welding solution in sheet welding of stainless steel, carbon
steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, copper, alloy and other metal materials.


(1) 70-80% cost-saving compared with traditional welding
As per real testing in the production, the welding efficiency is 5-10 times time higher,
and one green hand can operate it easily to replace 3 experienced worker. Adding
other cost, this new technology can save 70-80% cost. All details cost calculation will
be available upon receipt of your email request. That is why We strive to make your
production smarter, faster and more cost-efficient with minimum human labor
(2) Hi-Precision famous Components to guarantee high quality
that guarantee the reliability and stability during the production. From our components
and German design, you can feel our strict and professional work ethics. As a
manufacture, we quite understand the importance of continuous,stable and efficient
production for our customers.
(3)Top welding precision
head with a moving laser beam that enables the oscillation process. It is
characterized above all by lightness, simple, intuitive operation, excellent quality of
the obtained welds, as well as high speed of work in the absence of post-process
(4)Environmental, health-friendly and safety design
The laser welding technology is constantly developed, which improves work safety
and reduces the possibility of potential hazards. The machine is equipped with the air
filter system, which automatically removes fumes and dust, to protect operator's
(5) Excellent stability and durability
The perfect combination of optical system, mechanical system, cooling system,electrical system, pneumatic system can work in great compatibility to guarantee thestability and durability. Our engineers would like to accept all challenges fromcustomers.

(6) Super Strict quality control and standard production processAll our machines must approve three times inspection: raw material inspection,production inspection and finishing test. Specially, the finishing machine will be testedcontinuously 48 hours before packing. We know these operation will sacrifice workingtime and increase cost, but we insist on controlling all risks in production


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