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Main features

  • Conventional generator with excellent arc characteristics.
  • Ability to weld with rutile, basic and cellulosic electrodes
  • Arc gouging capacity.
  • "Hot Start" function for excellent arc ignition
  • "Arc force" function to prevent the electrode from sticking in the weld pool


  • 220/380/440/3 / 50-60


  • Electrode, Gouging

LINC 406 - K14104-1

  • Conventional generators with excellent arc characteristics.
  • Ability to weld with rutile, basic and cellulosic electrodes.
  • Arc gouging capacity .
  • "Hot Start" function for excellent arc ignition
  • .
  • "Arc Force" function to avoid sticking of the electrode in the welding bath
  • ).
  • Digital display for correct display of welding current
  • .
  • Easy to understand control panel .
  • Fan on demand function (FAN ™) - Fan when needed to minimize energy consumption and dust accumulation inside the machine.
  • Ready to be moved; equipped with wheels, handles and lifting hooks
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