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Improve productivity with the NA-3S, NA-4, or NA-5 automatic wire feeders. These systems have been specially designed to deposit more weld metal at faster travel speeds which eliminates bottlenecks and cuts costs.



• Solid-state controls allow precise control of welding procedures, striking characteristics, as well as bead size and shape.

• Easily adjusted for a wide range of processes, feed speeds and wire sizes.

• Compact units with excellent flexibility to fit into simple fixtures or the most complex automated production lines.

• Rugged construction minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.



• Submerged arc Recommended


Power Sources

• NA-3S / NA-5: Flextec 650, Idealarc® DC-1000, Idealarc® DC-1500

• NA-4: Idealarc® AC-1200


Key Options

• K221 Start controls PC board

• K245 Crater fill control PC board

• K2163-60 Power Cable, 18m (NA-5)

• K1842-110 Power Cable, 33m (NA-5)

• K29 Vertical Adjuster, 100mm

• K96 Horizontal Adjuster, 50mm

• K219 Flux Hopper

• K278-1 Spreadarc Oscillator

• K231-1 Contact Nozzle (2.4, 3.2, 4.0mm)

• K148A Positive Contact Nozzle (2.4-3.2mm)

• K148B Positive Contact Nozzle (4.0-4.8mm)

• KP2721-2 Nozzle Extension, 45°

• K285 Concentric Flux Cone

• K386 Narrow Gap Nozzle

• K149-5/32 Nozzle Extension (4.0mm)

• K129-x Tiny Twinarc® (1.6/2.0/2.4mm)

• K225 Twinarc® Nozzle (2.0-2.4mm)

• K389 Flux Hopper

• K223 Solenoid Kit (NA-5)

• K162-1 Spindle Kit (NA-5)

• K334 Start/Crater Module (NA-5)

• K337-10 Weld Timer (NA-5)

• K336 Remote Interface (NA-5)

NA-3, NA-4 & NA-5 Control & Heads - Lincoln Electric

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