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Main features

  • Excellent arc behavior, perfect start, stable arc.
  • Excellent control, adjustable burn back, spot welding function, 2/4 stroke mode and additional welding voltage selection.
  • Optional voltmeter and ammeter
  • Polarity change simple to perform.
  • Excellent wire feeding system.


  • 230/1/50/60


MIG, Animated Wire

POWERTEC® 231C - K14046-1

The professional choice

The Powertec® 231C is ideal for both thin-sheet welding and medium and light carpentry work, repair and maintenance work. This model with excellent arc and priming characteristics allows fast, efficient and professional work to be carried out with the minimum amount of spray. It is perfect for small workshops, body shops and farms. The Powertec 231C is suitable both for medium and light carpentry work and for welding on thin sheets such as the Powertec 161C.

  • Excellent behavior of the perfect starting arc, stable arc.
  • Adjustable burn back Puncture function
  • Polarity change simple to perform.
  • Excellent wire feeding system.
  • Equipped with Euro and ground cable connectors .
  • Complies with IEC974-1, -10, ROHS and CE standards.
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