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Main features

  • Synergic control that facilitates the welder.
  • High visibility digital ammeter and voltmeter.
  • Includes a wide range of features.
  • Large wheels, handle for forward / backward movement and lifting eyebolts.
  • Meets IEC974-1, ROHS and CE standards.


  • 230/400/3/50/60


  • MIG, Animated Wire

POWERTEC® 425C PRO - K14059-1A

Excellent bow and synergy

The Powertec® 305 C Pro is superior in many respects. This machine has excellent arc characteristics, with limited spray with both Argon and 100% CO2. The Powertec® Pro range includes a large number of functions including, 2/4 Times, run-in, cold wire feed, gas purge. Two digital displays supplied as standard ensure a correct display of welding voltage and current. All Powertec® have been designed with various applications in mind; there is always the right machine for every situation. Finally, with the synergic adjustment of the wire speed, the operator simply selects the welding voltage and starts welding. The wire speed is adjusted automatically. The machines are equipped with a powerful and robust four-roller drive system.

  • Products developed for use.
  • Excellent arc ignition.
  • Voltage selectors with many adjustment settings.
  • Exceptional towing system with a powerful engine.
  • Drive system feedback system that ensures uniform wire speed.
  • Equipped with large wheels, handle for forward / backward movement and lifting eyebolts.
  • Tool kit and optional polarity change kit .
  • Meets IEC974-1, ROHS and CE standards
  • Also available in 4 rollers version
  • Synergic control that facilitates the welder.
  • High visibility digital ammeter and voltmeter .
  • Completed with a wide range of functions.
  • Large wheels , handle for forward / backward movement and lifting eyebolts.
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