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PRESTO 270 welder has been designed and manufactured to combine both a rugged industrial construction with excellent arc characteristics.


For the most demanding applications

  • Robust case and components for heavy environmental conditions
  • Fully featured and user friendly control panel with digital display allows precise setting of welding current
  • Soft and Crisp mode multiple arc modes for different electrode types
  • Auto Adaptive Arc force standard in Soft and Crisp modes
  • Adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force allow a smooth start/restart of the electrode and prevent sticking of the electrode in the weld pool
  • Features “Lift TIG” – with no tungsten contamination

PRESTO 270 - Professional Welder for tough working conditions

✔ Rugged construction electrical safety (IP23)
✔ Full function user-friendly control panel
✔ Water coolers and cart available
✔ Ideal for the harshest environmental conditions.
✔ Easy to set all welding parameters
✔ Easy transportation on the welding sites

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