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Cutting is simpler and safer than ever

Our Plasma range can be used to cut all materials from 0.1 to 50 mm with the maximum quality and reliability. With its portability and high power, these Inverters are perfects for all maintenance operations. Its duty cycle at 40 °C allows use for heavy duty operations, including automatic applications and gouging.


PRESTOJET 60 & 100 plasma cutting machines are built to handle harsh environmental conditions using tunnel technology to separate the PCB’s and sensitive parts from the contaminating cooling airflow.


The concept for plasma cutting

The concept for plasma cutting focuses on three elements: 

S - An innovative and patented striking system preserves the electrode tip and extends its lifetime.  
P - Circular enhancements with improved radial airflow and innovative electrode/nozzle design concentrate the plasma stream. 
L - The internally cooled electrode and torch head and electrode/nozzle design considerably increase their lifetime.


Product Advantages

✔ Innovative advanced arc starting without HF
✔ Innovative advanced electrode and nozzle design increases lifetime of consumables
✔ Multiple torch configurations
✔ Robust

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