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PRESTOTIG 315 AC/DC TIG machine is designed for the welding specialists. PRESTOTIG machine fulfil the most demanding welders needs. The rugged design and optimum performance makes this machine the ideal partner for all workshop and on-site requirements.


Main features

  • Advanced inverter technology for superior TIG performance
  • Superb welding characteristics with TIG AC, TIG DC and MMA processes
  • Adjustable cleaning and penetration for perfect aluminium welding
  • Variable AC frequency (40-400Hz) for control of travel speed and penetration
  • PFC (Power Factor Correction) advantages 30% more output current with the same input current

PRESTOTIG 315 AC/DC The TIG AC/DC for superior performance

✔ Rugged construction
✔ Full function user-friendly control panel
✔ Easy to set all welding parameters

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