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PYROCOPT is the original cutting blowpipe designed and produced by SAF-FRO.



Thanks to its gas mixing in the cutting nozzle (G1 or IC) and its robust design, PYROCOPT allows to work in heavy duty environments.

Its cutting capacity with G1 or IC cutting nozzle is up to  300 mm of steel. It must be used with oxygen and fuel gas depending on the type of  cutting nozzle (Acetylene or Propane).

100% of PYROCOPT are tested in pressure and with flame lightning before shipping, in order to eliminate risk of leakage and to guarantee its performances.



  • is available with G1 or IC cutting nozzles
  • Is available with 90° or 120° of head angle
  • could be used with acetylene or propane depending the cutting nozzle

PYROCOPT is compliance with the EN ISO 5172.

PYROCOPT - The original cutting blowpipe

✔ Gas mixing in the cutting nozzle
✔ Reliability
✔ Safety
✔ Made in Europe
✔ EN ISO 5172 compliance

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