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Discover our offer of rutile, basic and stainless steel electrodes, including our low Chrome VI emission range.


SAFER G 48N is a rutile-cellulosic coated MMA electrode for all positions welding. Easy to use and tolerant of dirty or poorly prepared base plates. A general purpose electrodes suitable for industry and metalworking trade.


Working on poorly prepared pieces, pipes, tubes, etc.
Metal joinery, light to medium weight framework, sheet metal work, maintenance, etc. Easy to use even for fillet weld in vertical down position.
Flat or slightly convex beads and easy slag removal.

It meets the classifications:

  • EN ISO 2560-A: E 38 0 RC 1 1
  • AWS A5.1: E 6013


SAFER G48N MMA electrodes range for C-Mn and low-alloys steels

Product Advantages

✔ MMA electrode for all positions welding
✔ Easy slag removal
✔ Tolerant of dirty or poorly prepared base plates

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