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SAFER NF 510S is a low hydrogen electrode allows welding with a stable arc and a very low spattering loss. It deposits a low hydrogen content weld metal. Excellent impact strength at low temperature (-46 °C). Suitable for unalloyed steels with low purity or higher carbon content, <0.4%C, and for buffer layers. Very low hydrogen content after re-drying. Material to be welded EN 10025-3: S(P) 235-S(P) 420; GP240- GP 280; L245-L360. Easy slag removal. Excellent Mechanical Properties. Deposit free from porosity, excellent slag detachability. Hydrogen < 5mlH2/100g deposited weld metal. Efficiency 120%.



SAFER NF 510S MMA Electrodes C-Mn and low-alloy steels

EN ISO  2560-A: E 42 5 B 42 H5
AWS A5.1: E 7018-1 H4
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