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TOMAHAWK® 1025 & 1538 – high performance plasma cutting machines, built to handle harsh environmental conditions, suitable for operation on site with a generator or within a workshop environment. Up to 25 mm mild steel (Tomahawk® 1025) and up to 40 mm mild steel (Tomahawk® 1538).


TOMAHAWK® 1025 & 1538

  • Starting: innovative advanced arc starting without HF.
  • Performance: innovative advanced electrode and nozzle design.
  • Longer lifetime: innovative advanced design increases lifetime of consumables.
  • Faster: higher travel speeds and plate thickness.
  • Flexible: multiple torch configurations.
  • Different materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and many more.
  • Concentrated plasma stream: less heat input, less distortion.
  •  Torch Connection – central connector, 9-pin.
  • Step-less current control.
  • Remote kit (optional) that allows the unit to receive an external ON-OFF trigger for mechanized processes (only for TH1538)



Tomahawk 1538- Lincoln Electric Hand Plasma Cutter

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