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TIG WTT2 Torches range is dedicated to needs of most demanding users. Reliability is one of the major features of these products. Harness flexibility is the most appreciated advantages of these torches. The various connections and handles fit with the current applications.


Connectors for Air cooled versions

The connectors to the machine are a new design, compact and fully protected delivering both strength and quality.



WTT2 Ergonomic handle (EB), ergonomic handle (EB) with flexible head, round hand

✔ Optimum welding quality
✔ High quality welding results on carbon, stainless steels and light alloys.
✔ For high demanding sectors of activity (Boiler making, Offshore, Piping, Petrochemicals, Shipbuilding)
✔ Increase the communication between the welder and the machine

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